Timeslips Training

Thank you for your interest in Timeslips Time and Billing Software. AC Consulting provides many types of training courses to assist you with your software needs.

AC Consulting begins a training program with a review of your current billing and accounting procedures. The trainer will then explain the layout of the program, key terms and common procedures. As the training progresses, trainer and students will establish guidelines for billing that will produce the results required by your firm. Some of the areas of training include the following:

Preparation Training


  • Establish billing and accounting procedures.


  • Establish means of integration with general ledger.

Data Conversion

  • How to convert existing data to a Timeslips database.


  • How to implement Timeslips backup procedures.

Database Training

System Settings

  • How to set up security to limit database access.
  • How to set up database and personal abbreviators.
  • How to define funds books.
  • How to set up custom fields & assign to clients/matters.
  • How to modify phrases.
  • How to set up bill messages.
  • How to enable or disable features.
  • How to set up links with general ledger software.
  • How to set up bills to send to an audit firm.
  • How to modify terminology within the software.
  • How to set up client, timekeeper and task templates.
  • How to set up aging periods.


  • How to set up clients and projects according to your needs.
  • How to add, edit & delete clients/matters.
  • How to set up billing arrangements which are client specific.
  • How to set up rates which are client specific.
  • How to set up client retainers & trust funds.
  • How to set up flat fee & contingency clients.


  • How to add, edit & delete timekeepers.
  • How to set up timekeeper rates.
  • How to set up overhead on employees and subcontractors.


  • How to add, edit & delete time and expense tasks.
  • How to set up task markup information.


  • How to set up budgets for clients, matters, timekeeper or firm.

Data Entry

  • Establish procedures for efficient & accurate time and cost entries.
  • How to tailor entry screens.
  • How to enter & edit data.
  • How to markup/down specific entries.
  • How to search slips according to specific filters.

Report Design

  • How to create reports & customize them to meet your needs.

Bill Design

  • How to create & customize your bill layouts.