All Services

Below is a summary of the services offered by AC Consulting to assist your firm:

Law Office Technical Support Services
• Hardware Purchasing Consultation
• Computer Upgrades
• Local Area Network Design
• Printer Setup and Layout
• Software Incompatibility Diagnostics
• Microsoft Server Systems Installation
• Drive Mapping/Integration/Menu Design
• System Standardization
• Hub/Switch/Router/Repeater/Access Point/Cable Configuration
• Network Expansion

Law Office Security Services
• Employee Sabotage Preparation and Prevention
• Digital Backup Verification
• Security and Disaster Recovery Procedures
• Every 15 minutes backup systems
• Ransomware Removal and Protection
• System Wide Virus and Worm Protection

Law Office Online and Web Services
• Domain Name Registration
• Internet Service Provider Assistance
• Web Site Design and Web Analytics
• Attorneys Cloud Services
• Business Productivity Online Services

Law Office Productivity Services
• Office-to-Office/Office-to-Home Connections
• VPN System Setup Using Forticlient, NordVPN, CyberGhost & ExpressVPN
• Macros for Pleading, Letterhead, Proof of Service, Verification, etc.
• Employee User Guides
• Business Strategy and IT Alignment