Abacus Law Full Day Training

AC Consulting provides the Full Day Training Course. The course outline is featured below:

Client Number Restructuring
How to develop or restructure an in-house client/matter numbering system used in Abacus, and coordinate the numbering system with the records department, and the phone, fax, and copier systems.

Clients (Names)
How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and organize clients, and how to link clients to matters and track individual notes.

How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and organize matters, and how to link matters to clients and track individual notes.

How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and organize calendared events. How to set holiday & weekend checking, reminders, recurring events, and how to track individual notes, mark events done, implement TO-DO lists, and schedule group and timeless events. How to use the perpetual calendar and date calculator.

How to create, maintain, customize, and organize queries for clients, matters, and events.

How to create association links between people from the names database and specific cases.

Calendars and Reports
How to use the report generator, and how to select, create, edit, delete, and print client, matter, and event calendars and reports.

Conflict of Interest Checking
How to perform conflict of interest checking on new client and matter information.

Fast Track Rules/Civil Procedure Timelines
How to create, edit, and maintain Fast Track rules, Federal rules, Civil Procedure timelines, and General Practice guidelines.