About Timeslips

What is Timeslips?

Timeslips is the result of over 25 years of experience building time and billing software for small to mid-sized firms. It is the most award-winning and best-selling time billing software in the world.

Instead of just making the time and billing process easier, Timeslips embodies everything learned from years of research about office management to make it the best tool available to help you be more profitable.

Since there are so many types of law offices, the features and options of Timeslips had to be broad enough to address them all. Yet, with so many features, a program can extend itself well beyond the user’s needs. So Timeslips is scalable. You can implement it with any of your requirements:

1. Basic billing and receivables. The basic billing makes other time and billing software blush.

2. Practice management reporting, budgeting, and spell checking.

3. Specialized reporting, billing methods, and tools that many firms demand.

The database capacities grow as you move between levels, from 2 to 100 timekeepers and from 5,000 to 30,000 clients. You can even increase the capacities to unlimited timekeepers and clients.

But with scalability, you get something more. The ability to remove unwanted features. You can remove selected menu commands, fields, and reports. You can customize the friendly navigator to provide a specific front end of commands for each employee so they have less to learn. You can even build automated procedures to handle repeated tasks perfectly each time.

Timeslips, the acknowledged leader in time and billing, is no longer just for smaller firms. It capacities and features are perfectly suited for law firms with one, ten, or one hundred employees.

Imagine that at the time of billing, “someone” would assemble and organize information for the client’s bill and present it to you so you don’t have to hunt through reports, menus and data screens. And now, imagine your assistant guiding you to where each correction and change needs to be made, by having all the billing data at your fingertips. This is Timeslips.