Our Abacus Law Certification

What is Abacus Law Certification?
An AC Consulting Certified Abacus Law Consultant (CALC) provides on-site administration for Abacus Law software users in a legal environment, including workgroups, departments, and corporate information services (IS). Specifically, CALC’s handle the installation, configuration and training of the Abacus Law legal calendaring, client, case and document management system.

CALC certification is recognized as the standard of excellence for administering Abacus Law products. Small law firms to large corporate legal IS departments are using AC Consulting CALC’s to provide personalized, on-site administrative support for Abacus Law users. AC Consulting can provide this level of support in a variety of ways, from assisting users in a network database environment to handling complex customization issues.

What are Abacus Law Certification Benefits?
AC Consulting CALC’s have access to up-to-date Abacus Law product information. They can access current technical information on Abacus Law, access Abacus Law’s private beta program, and download the latest patches, fixes and press releases on Abacus Law from the Abacus Law Web site.

Why Certify Under Abacus Law?
Abacus Law certifications are recognized as the standard of excellence for supporting Abacus Law network and database products. Our certification sets us apart as skilled professionals who competently administer Abacus Law Products.

As CALCs, we develop better on-the-job performance. And we are more effective at administering Abacus Law features than non-certified consultants. Using the skills associated with our CALC certification, we can improve your company’s overall database support quality.