Abacus Law Custom Training

AC Consulting provides the Custom Options Training Course featured below. Simply print the form and AC Check Mark the sections that you would like to receive additional training on. When you schedule your training session, AC Consulting will ask that you mail or fax the form to us, so that your Certified Abacus Law Trainer will know how to customize a course for your law firm’s specific needs.


__ Data Conversion
How to convert existing data to Abacus data format.

__ Backup
How to implement Abacus backup procedures, and create manual or automatic script files.

__ Word Processor Swap
How to create an environment which allows swapping Abacus in and out of WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or any other Windows software.

__ Client Number Restructuring
How to develop or restructure an in-house client/matter numbering system used in Abacus, and coordinate the numbering system with the records department, and the phone, fax, and copier systems.


__ Windows 7/10 or Windows Peer-to-Peer
How to establish group configurations, PIF files, drive mappings, and printing layouts.

__ Windows 2012/2016/2019 Server
How to establish user and group configurations, drive mappings, and printing layouts.

__ Linux
How to establish group rights, drive mappings, and printing arrangements.


__ Clients (Names)
How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and organize clients, and how to link clients to matters and track individual notes.

__ Matters
How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and organize matters, and how to link matters to clients and track individual notes.

__ Events
How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and organize calendared events. How to set holiday & weekend checking, reminders, recurring events, and how to track individual notes, mark events done, implement TO-DO lists, and schedule group and timeless events. How to use the perpetual calendar and date calculator.

__ Querying
How to create, maintain, customize, and organize queries for clients, matters, and events.

__ Reports
How to program the report generator, and how to select, create, edit, delete, and print client, matter, and event reports.

__ Supplementary Reports
How to create mailing labels, cover sheets, mailmerges, envelopes, mailing lists, phone lists, and how to start letters with a word processor within Abacus.

__ Laser Calendars
How to create, edit, delete, print, query laser calendars, and how to establish default layouts and implement daily, weekly and monthly calendars.

__ Utilities
How to index and archive data, and how to manage codes, maintain operators, set personal and system options, assign passwords, track holidays, and activate the phone dialer.


__ Case Management
How to track client and matter information, implement time and date stamping, track court documents, and add, edit, delete, search, clone, and keep notes.

__ Linking
How to link clients, experts, witnesses, court reporters, judges, opposing counsel, etc., to a specific case, and how to add, delete and modify these links.

__ Litigation Support/Document Management
How to track client and matter document information, implement word processing functionality, and add, edit, delete, search, clone, and keep documents.

__ TimeSlips Linking and Management
How to exchange information between Abacus and TimeSlips, how to bill from Abacus and coordinate billable schedules, and how to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and keep billable entries.

__ Hot Docs Linking Management
How to create boilerplate forms from Abacus, how to schedule forms to assemble and print, document assembly, and add, edit, delete, search, clone, and keep forms.

__ Document Assembly Management
How to create templates from Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word and use Abacus to merge information to create custom printable forms. How to add, edit, delete, search, clone, and manage forms.

__ Opposing Counsel
How to track opposing counsel information, implement time and date stamping, maintain opposing counsel court documents, and add, edit, delete, search, clone, and keep opposing counsel notes.

__ Tracking Additional Names
How to track experts, judges, court reporters, witnesses, mediators, vendors, etc., how to add, edit, view, query, and print additional names, and how to link names to cases.

__ Fast Track Rules/Civil Procedure Timelines
How to create, edit, and maintain Fast Track rules, Federal rules, Civil Procedure timelines, and General Practice guidelines.

__ Statute of Limitations
How to create, edit, maintain, and print statute of limitations information and monthly and yearly calendars.

__ Conflict of Interest Checking
How to search databases for possible conflicts of interest, and operate and customize check lists, and how to print reports and utilize logical checking.

__ Malpractice
How to implement malpractice procedures and preserve calendar integrity, and how to query and print calendar alerts and maintain unscheduled matters.

__ Group Scheduling
How to generate group reports, display free time, and add, edit and delete group events.


__ User Defined Screens and Fields
How to program add, edit and view screens. How to reconfigure client, matter and event databases, track additional information, customize indexes, and use XBASE logical programming commands.

__ Expert Troubleshooting
How to determine and repair printing errors, communication port problems, indexing errors, internal failures, out of memory faults, run errors, and network problems.

__ Security
How to grant unlimited, limited and read only rights, issue access levels, and incorporate additional network and single station security procedures.

__ Rules Installation
How to install, add, edit, delete, modify, and merge court rules including Fast Track, local, federal and special rules.

__ Program Installation
How to install Abacus and determine computer requirements, configure environments, set printers, transfer data, and copy files.