Scheduling & Availablity


AC Consulting’s Abacus Law training sessions can accommodate busy law office schedules. Some law firms prefer training to be performed on a single day while others prefer training to be broken up over several days. Below is a list of different training course scenarios:

Single Day

  • Only staff members are trained.
  • Only attorneys are trained.
  • Only administrators are trained.
  • Staff members are trained in the morning, attorneys in the afternoon.
  • Attorneys are trained in the morning, administrators in the afternoon.


  • Only staff members are trained on two different mornings one week apart.
  • Only attorneys are trained on two different afternoons one week apart.
  • Administrators are trained on Tuesday morning one week and on Tuesday afternoon the following week.


  • Staff Members are trained on certain days with a follow-up one month later.
  • Administrator are trained followed by attorneys one-month later.


AC Consulting can accommodate Abacus Training Sessions with a two to four week advance notice. Law firms requiring immediate assistance should call AC Consulting to determine if dates are available.